Bonfiglioli Drake Scrap Mill:

In the mid 90’s, Ing Bonfiglioli introduced the hammer mill shredding system to crush and separate all types of metal scrap and compressed bales. Its effectively crushes all kinds of metal and then separates the iron and steel producing a clean final product, the fragmented material in the form of high quality and marketable proler steel, directly on site. This proved to be Europe’s best selling hammer mills
Complete Hammer mill shredder system producing the highest quality processed scrap material that you can find in the market even from very dirty scrap. Available with electric motor or diesel engine from 600 up to 1500HP. The system has a complete automatic cycle and allows various options for conveyors, dust dampers and magnetic selectors. Its unique selling point is that it requires minimal civil works and maintenance.
You don’t require particular foundations, just a 20cm thick concrete pad is sufficient.
The set-up and installation is done in max 10 days.

  • Low capital investment for high production
  • Low operating costs
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Set-up and installation in 10 days max
  • Simple design and construction
  • High performance compact shredder
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimal concrete pad required – 20cm